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There are different types of life insurance available and what you require will depend on your personal circumstances and needs.

Insurance brokers have access to a range of products which you may not be able to access directly.  Discuss your requirements with us and we will give you our honest opinion on which option is better for you.

Key Life Financial Services do not charge for advice and we get paid by the service providers when the policy has started.

All insurance brokers work differently and you would have to check what their charges are.  We are independent insurance broker. Some insurers themselves may have individual charges that apply for adjustments, cancellations, missed direct debits and it is important to read the terms and conditions from the outset.

The only insurance you will need to purchase when getting a mortgage is usually buildings insurance. Mortgage lenders will require buildings insurance to be in place at the least and this is to protect the security (property) they are lending against.  In short, buildings insurance covers your home against any damage that may need to be repaired or even a full rebuild in the event of a fire amongst a list of perils the buildings insurance will cover against.

Paying a little extra for Waiver of Premium on top of your usual life insurance premium means that if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness, your premiums will be paid by the Insurer for a set period.

For most people, if you have less income than usual, one of the first things to cancel or miss payments on is your life covers.

However, your life cover will simply end if you miss payments, so Waiver of Premium would be helpful to have.

If you have appropriate life insurance, this will make sure that your mortgage is paid off when you die. If you die without life insurance, then your family, or those managing your estate, may be forced to sell the property to pay back the debt to the mortgage lender.

When an application is submitted, it is assessed by the medical underwriters. They will confirm if further information is required to make a decision.

The insurer may require you to undertake a medical screening where a nurse will take blood/urine samples or a medical report may be requested from your GP.

Once all tests and necessary information have been reviewed, the underwriter will confirm if your application will be accepted or if the premiums will be increased.

Yes. Some providers do offer cover. It will depend on the number of accidents you have had, how often you take part in the activity, and the height you climb.

Contact us, and we will source the best provider for you.

This is a premium which allows the Insurer not to pay a premium during a period of disability depending on the length of time.  The insurance company will waive the payments for you after you have been disabled for a minimum of six months.

Yes, you can.  Contact us so we can go through your individual circumstances and find the product best suited for you.