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Re- mortgage
Re- mortgage (Product Transfer) with better Loan to Value (LTV) 

Nishil and Sara bought their property 2 years ago and they planned an extensive renovation project, which is now complete. They had invited a local estate agent around and their renovation had added significant value to the property.

When their re-mortgage was due, we had contacted them to advise them that their current rate was due to expire. Grateful for the reminder, Sara spoke to our broker and discussed the new value of the property and works done.

We researched options based on the projected property value, and their current lender were still offering the most competitive rate.

However, when we obtained the lender’s options, they had valued the property lower than it was worth. The lender carries out valuations based on ...

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Relocating to a larger property
Relocating to a larger property for schools

One applicant was employed and the other was a self-employed newly qualified dentist.

The self-employed applicant did not meet traditional self-employment criteria of standard 2 years track record or a contractor’s criteria as terms of the employment were based on a unique UDA contract with no previous experience of working a contract of this value.

Prior to receiving this full contract, the client only had a training contract and no tax returns to evidence income received.

We managed to get the intermediary arm of a major high street lender to approve lending in principle based on the value of the new full contract even though the client had only been 1 month into this contract at this income level with only employer payslips...

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Concessionary purchase
Concessionary purchase

Neil lives at home with his parents. He is employed and has a well-paid job.

Neil’s parents have an interest only mortgage on the house they live in. The term is due to come to an end in 5 years. At this point the whole mortgage will need to be repaid in full.

One of the options would be for his parents to move to a repayment mortgage. However, the term is not long enough as the payments would be too high as they are close to retirement.

Neil can help with the mortgage repayments financially but did not know how he could manage this, with his parents being able to live in the property, as he was not on the deeds as a legal owner.

We were able to re-mortgage the property by completing a concessionary purchase.


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HMO Remortgage
HMO Remortgage

We were approached by Ella, who owned a large house that she rented out. Ella had built up significant equity in the property over the years and now wanted to take some of this equity out. She contacted her current lender and applied for a further advance, however, after valuation it was declined. They had deemed the property to be unsuitable for lending on as they didn’t offer lending on HMO properties.

As the property was near a station and a university; after renting it out to families for several years, she decided to convert the property into a HMO; as she would be able to achieve more rent by letting out the rooms individually. She had been with the same lender since she purchased the property and continued to pay her mo...

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Commercial Mortgage
Commercial Mortgage – A new home for a growing Communications business

Date completed: 30th January 2021

Loan amount: £475,000

Location: West London

Our client had outgrown their current office & warehouse, which they had been renting. It was time to look at a new home with more storage space and enhanced meeting and office area. The business was well run and the projected revenue for the firm was very positive.

We were able to find a lender that understood how the business would scale upwards once the new premises were acquired. They were keen to support the funding needs by providing a loan that considered expected growth. 

The application process was smooth, as all supporting documents had been made avail...

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business protection
Are you a business owner with key employees?

Sean Williams is a Director for a well-known marketing company.  One of their employees, Derek Smith, was a valuable member of the team and drove up the company profits over a number of years. His skills and knowledge were vital to the success of Sean’s company.

Overnight everything changed drastically for Sean, when 54-year-old Derek suffered a fatal heart attack leaving behind not only his family, but the future of Sean’s business in jeopardy.

The company employees were in shock and it was a struggle to pick up morale. Sean was facing a difficult challenge and it was unclear whether the business would recover.

Sean recalled the advice a...

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Whole of Life policy
Why take out a Whole of Life policy?

We’ve listed some of the reasons that might help you decide if a Whole of Life cover is suited to your needs.

Guarantee your loved ones a lump sum when you die

There is no maximum term for a Whole of Life cover – it pays out a lump sum whenever you die. So, provided you continue to pay your premiums until the end of your plan and your claim is valid, you can be sure you’ll leave something behind for your loved ones.

Cover the Inheritance Tax your loved ones might have to pay*

You can use a Whole of Life policy to insure against any inheritance tax your family have to pay on your estate. So when you die and if you have the appropriate level of cover in place, the payout on death could take care of a tax bill, an...

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Health Insurance
Bowel Cancer changed my life

Earlier this year 39-year-old Craig, felt dizzy and fell off a ladder while cleaning his windows, fracturing his foot.

His partner Bel took him to the hospital where they treated the fracture. Following a series of questions about Craig's symptoms recently, the consultant decided to run some precautionary tests.

Craig was a little nervous with all the blood tests and invasive scans, as he believed they were unnecessary. The couple were invited to meet with a consultant and were devastated with being told that Craig had Bowel Cancer.

They left the meeting with the realisation they had to quickly prepare themselves for the challenging journey ahead.

Craig was informed that he would need surgery within weeks and may also re...

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financially protect daughters
I need to financially protect my daughters

Sandra’s husband died from a brain tumour 5 years ago before they were both 40, leaving behind his distraught wife and two teenage daughters, Tina and Rianna.

Her husband did not have any life cover in place and luckily, her own family had enough money to help with the mortgage payments and assist her and her daughters financially and emotionally.

Unfortunately, Sandra’s mother died a few years later following a short illness and then a few months later in the same year, her father unexpectedly passed away so the family was really going through a difficult time. 

Sandra was also very close to her two aunts who tragically died within that same year in a car accident. For Sandra and her daughters, 2019 was a very difficult ye...

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financial protection
If only my dad had been advised on protection

After finishing her education, Simi was fortunate enough to land a job, where she was able to work hard and save enough, to consider buying her own home. Simi wasn't sure how to go about this.

She met with one of our Advisers who explained the process to her.

Our Adviser also spoke to her about the various protection plans available to her. Simi had seen advertisements and promotions about financial protection but never given it any further thought. She wanted to know what was available and suited to her current budget and needs, especially as her mother and siblings were dependent on her financially.

If her parents had planned ahead and taken out some financial protection it would have made her family’s life a lot easier.

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