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Can you help with mortgages for medical professionals?

Whether you are an employed doctor, a self employed optician, a company director, physiotherapist or a locum nurse, we understand the complexities of medical personal incomes and can help you find the right mortgage.

Can I get a mortgage without a broker if I have bad credit?

Getting a mortgage with bad credit can be tricky and doing this yourself can present challenges as lenders see bad credit as a higher risk of default and this might exclude you from many high-street or online lenders. You may be left with a smaller choice of specialised “adverse credit” lenders and finding these lenders on your own can be difficult.

We have the valuable expertise to navigate this niche market as outlined below:

  • We can identify the lenders who accept borrowers with your credit profile which will save you time as we will do the research.
  • We can also negotiate the best possible interest rates and terms, potentially offsetting their fee in the long run.
  • Our team will simplify the process by handling paperwork, legalities and lender communication reducing your stress and workload.

Many brokers specialise in helping borrowers with bad credit to obtain mortgages. Our company is one of the best financial advisors London having helped so many individuals, couples , families with low credit scores, missed payments, CCJs, IVAs and bankruptcy secure home loans.

While going it alone is an option, consider the limitations. A good mortgage broker can leverage their expertise and connections to make your bad credit mortgage journey smoother, faster and potentially cheaper.

Will it help to have a mortgage broker near me or near to the property I am looking to purchase?

To find a mortgage broker you need to ensure that you are comfortable with the advice. If you choose to use our services, you will have the best mortgage advisor who is able to provide you with the best solution to your situation.

What will a mortgage advisor do that a bank will not?

Your Bank will not let you know if a better rate becomes available helping you to save money. Our team consists of the best financial advisors and our job is to ensure you have the best rate available to you.

Can you help anyone purchasing a home outside of London?

We can help anyone requiring expert mortgage advice in London, England or Wales.

I own a HMO property that I am looking to re-finance. Can I get a normal buy to let mortgage on this property?

Most buy to let lenders will have separate HMO mortgage products. Hence if a property is a HMO, then you have to apply for a HMO mortgage on a HMO product.

Traditionally, these products tend to be more expensive than Standard Buy to Let properties and tend to be limited predominantly to specialist Buy to Let Lenders rather than the traditional high street banks.

What is a remortgage?

As specialist mortgage brokers, we are experts in all types of mortgages. So what does remortgage mean?  A remortgage is taking out a new mortgage on existing property you own.  The remortgage maybe simply to replace the existing loan amount or mortgage for a better rate or it could be to borrow further money against your property. This can be for many reasons, for example for home improvements, divorce settlements or even to purchase further properties.

What does a loan to value mean?

Loan to value means the % borrowed against the value of the property.

Example – The property you are purchasing is £200,000, and you have a deposit of £20,000 this would be a loan to value (LTV) of 90%.

Your home now is valued at £500,000. However you still have an outstanding mortgage of £250,000- so your LTV is 50%.

Generally, the higher the loan to value, the interest rate will increase. Therefore if you have a larger deposit or equity in your home, you will typically achieve a better interest rate.

How does the mortgage process work?
  • Find a property and meet with one of our advisers.
  • The adviser will recommend a mortgage product that is right for you.
  • You will receive an Agreement in Principle, which will confirm how much you can borrow to enable you to put in an offer.
  • On acceptance of the offer, you need to appoint a solicitor which we then liaise with.

    Our team will handle the entire process for you from application to completion, so you have absolute peace of mind.

How much can I borrow?

Whether you are employed, self-employed or your income comes from rental or a pension, we will have access to a lender, to obtain borrowing.

The amount of borrowing depends on individual circumstances, that is why speaking to one of our advisers is always the best way to find out how much you can borrow. Our advisers will review all your income sources and expenditure. They also check your credit report in the meeting to ensure that the advice is based on your current circumstances.

Please do contact us to arrange a virtual meeting with one of our advisers.

When is the best time to re-mortgage?

Generally, you can re-mortgage your home at any time.

However, you should bear in mind that If you are on a fixed rate deal and your current product is not due to expire in the coming months or years, a re-mortgage before this comes to an end may incur early redemption penalties which will be payable to your existing mortgage lender.

These tend to be a percentage of the total outstanding loan, so can be quite large in some instances. It is always best to time a re-mortgage to fall in the window where you product is expiring (if this is possible). There may be circumstances where waiting until the end of the existing deal may not be an option.

Our team consists of the best financial advisors London based, providing advice to individuals across England and Wales with their re-mortgage options.

What are the benefits of using a mortgage broker?

We liaise with both you and the lender and as a whole of market broker we will find the the best current rate available to you on the market.

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