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Why using a Mortgage Broker is better than going direct to your bank

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In this article, we’ll explain why choosing a mortgage broker instead of going directly to your bank can be smarter. We’ll keep it straightforward and easy to understand.

  1. Time-saving: Getting a mortgage appointment with your bank can take up to 2-3 weeks. Mortgage brokers usually offer quicker appointments so you can get started on your home-buying journey sooner.


  1. Tailored Choices: Banks can usually only offer a small selection of mortgage products from their own product range. Mortgage brokers have access to a range of lenders, big and small. They can find the perfect mortgage deal for you, matching your needs and budget.  Brokers can connect you with the right lender and product, increasing your chances of getting approved.


  1. Expert Help: Mortgage brokers are pros at this stuff. They know all about mortgages, interest rates, and what lenders look for. With their expert guidance, you’ll make the right mortgage decisions.


  1. Special Deals: Mortgage brokers have access to exclusive products that may not be available to the general public directly. These deals are great for first-time buyers or those with complex finances.


  1. Money Saver: There is a common misconception that going to a broker will cost more than going directly to the bank but often, a broker can save you money in the long run.


  1. Personal Attention: Mortgage brokers care about you. They will understand your goals and ambitions and provide the appropriate advice tailored to help you achieve those goals. That personal touch is hard to get directly at a bank.


If you’re considering buying a new property or refinancing your current one, consider a mortgage broker. They make the process easier, find you the best deal, and could ultimately help save you money. It’s a smart move for a stress-free mortgage experience.


Published Oct 2023

Why using a Mortgage Broker is better than going direct to your bank

Harish Hirani

Harish Hirani

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Harish is a successful lending and insurance specialist. He commands a solid team of insurance advisors in mortgage lending, commercial lending, health insurance, life insurance etc catering to individuals, families, and business owners with several assets

Date: Oct 19 2023
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